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Thom McKinney & Associates, LLC. is an international management consulting firm that specializes in organizational development, strategic design, and process implementation by providing organizational guidance and training through consultation, lectures and seminars.

Our mission is to consult with organizations to assist them in building ethical leaders who motivate diverse team members to be more productive.

TMA’s keynotes and seminar specialties are in the areas of Business Ethics, Leadership, Team Building, Diversity and Motivation.

Thom McKinney is a motivational messenger who can provide insight and encouragement that will inspire the spirit and satisfy the soul.

Thom believes that we all have the power!  The power to lead! The power to Change! The power to Succeed!  The question is…  Will we plug into that power, which will generate positive results?

Thom not only invigorates and motivates his audiences, but he challenges them as well.  Relying on his experiences as a successful businessman, father, husband, world traveler, community activist, an award-winning community theater actor, and author of “Play the Game to WIN: Success Lessons Courtesy of Ms. Louise and Uncle Sam”, Thom is able to open audience’s hearts and minds.

Play the Game to Win by Thom McKinney

Success Lessons Courtesy of Ms. Louise & Uncle Sam

Success lessons and valuable insights to inspire readers to reach for their dreams.

When one is raised by a single parent mother who is not open to nonsense and uses strong-armed tactics to enforce her rules, where do you go to escape the “mother from purgatory”?  You join the army only to find they require the same disciplines that you ran away from at home.  Follow an admirable account of courage and determination with Play the Game to Win and witness how author Thom McKinney accepts every challenge to learn and succeed in life.

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